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5xx google sitemap error

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by makaka, Jun 29, 2006.

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    hi there
    i have ton of those error ( 5xx error ) in my sitemap member area.
    i talked with my webhosting and they told me that this should be .htaccess related

    here is my my .htaccess file:

    ErrorDocument 400 http://mysite.com/
    ErrorDocument 401 http://mysite.com/
    ErrorDocument 403 http://mysite.com/
    ErrorDocument 404 http://mysite.com/

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule news(.*)\.htm$ /index.php?start=$1
    RewriteRule reviews(.*)\.htm$ /reviews.php?start=$1
    RewriteRule review(.*)\.htm$ /articles.php?id=$1
    what is wrong here every think is working fine.i dont understand why iam getting those error

    Thanks for help
    makaka, Jun 29, 2006 IP
  2. MaxPowers

    MaxPowers Peon

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    500 errors are either bad scripting or a server that can't handle the load.... somehow your server is choking and spews up a 500 error. This may happen when a request is made that your server cannot process or when the coding on a page tries to do something that it isn't allowed to do.

    One of the places that causes this is the .htaccess file. Based on your htaccess that you've printed here, it's possible that if someone wants to visit articles.php?id=stay+in+shape then the URL would be reviewstay+in+shape.htm and that would trigger the first rewrite rule... reviews.php?start=tay+in+shape (<-- no typos here)

    try to get the last two URL rewrite rules to be further apart by using an underscore or something of that nature... it may help.

    If the problem is intermittent (comes and goes) and happens regardless of the page being requested, then it may be a matter of poor server performance and when it is overloaded, it drops requests and returns a 500. My suggestion here is to upgrade your server hardware (Ram, CPU). What kind of traffic do you bring in and are you on a shared host? It may be another site on the server IF this is the problem and IF you aren't one of Alexa's top 100,000.

    I know this didn't pin down one problem, but the 500 error is vague to begin with.
    MaxPowers, Jun 30, 2006 IP
  3. makaka

    makaka Peon

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    thanks for replay
    1)the value of start can be only numbers so the rule is correct in any case
    such as review1.htm vs reviews1.htm
    2)not as much traffic about 2k uv dailly and 3-4k page view
    3)the host is godaddy.com
    any suggestion ???????
    makaka, Jun 30, 2006 IP