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5000 unique visitor only 15 $/day adsense

Discussion in 'Placement / Reviews / Examples' started by manuelc, Aug 7, 2016.

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    Hi ,

    I have mobile website and use one adblock 300x250 :
    • pageviews ~50000/day
    • rpm 0,23$
    my nich is converter site.

    Any best alternatives/best practices(adsense) to increase the revenue?

    manuelc, Aug 7, 2016 IP
  2. onymguy

    onymguy Well-Known Member

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    As per the title, if page views are 5000, i would say, it is great earning

    if it is ~50000/day, then you may have try CPM, CPC combined ad networks. you have to find which keywords are generating traffic and what is the CPC in adwords to find why the income is lower.
    onymguy, Aug 7, 2016 IP
  3. Furquan Ahmed

    Furquan Ahmed Well-Known Member

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    If I am right you are getting 5000 visitor per day & earning $15 per day while using only one AdSense ads code & then I will suggest you to one another ads code & one links ads unit in your mobile site. I too have mobile website & I am using two standard ads code & one links unit ads code which generate $5 to $6 from 300 to 350 visitor/day, but yes the all visitors are unique & mostly from Tier 1 countries.
    Furquan Ahmed, Aug 8, 2016 IP