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Selling $50 per month, Adsense PASSIVE Income, Niche Site for Sale.

Discussion in 'Sites' started by kgrad, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I am putting up for sale a site of mine, which has been doing quite well now. I have been working on it for the last few months, and the traffic is rising steadily. The site has a LOT of potential and you could easily multiply the revenue with minimal efforts (and probably re-sell it later for huge profits).

    The site I am talking about here is: finasteridesideeffects.org – Finasteride Side Effects.

    Yes, this is in the medical niche, and gets HIGH value clicks (Average CPC according to Adwords is $2.08)

    It ranks on the first page for many keywords such as:

    • finasteride side effects
    • antibiotics side effects
    • antibiotics effects
    • finasteride effects
    • antibiotics negative
    • side effects of finasteride
    • propecia side effect
    • effects of finasteride

    The Good part is, that if you continue promotions most of the keywords will reach no.1 position and the REVENUE will be 4 times of what it is now!
    Important Things to Note about the site:

    • Keyword domain so easy to rank
    • Solid SEO already done, site gets PASSIVE income
    • Monetized Via Adsense. High CTR design!
    • NO expenses.
    • Potential to triple or quadruple existing revenue.
    • Increasing revenue trend.

    At present the site is only monetized via Adsense, however, you can sell affiliate products in this niche also (medical stores).

    The revenue of the past 3 months has been stated below

    • October: $44.97
    • September: $32.48
    • August: $12.77
    • November (till 13th): $10 approx.
    • Summary: The site earns about $40-$50 per month currently, ONLY via Adsense, without ANY Effort!
    http://finasteridesideeffects.org/temp/november.png (first 10 days only)

    95% of the traffic to the site is from search engines, i.e. fully ORGANIC. This is because of the solid SEO I have done.

    • October: 2481
    • September: 1784
    • August: 1333 Hits
    • November (10 days only): 584, i.e. 1752 (approximated for the month)

    Google Analytics installed on the site can be verified.
    http://finasteridesideeffects.org/temp/1.pdf - October
    http://finasteridesideeffects.org/temp/2.pdf - September
    http://finasteridesideeffects.org/temp/3.pdf - August
    http://finasteridesideeffects.org/temp/4.pdf - November (10 Days only)

    The site has huge potential, and the income and traffic is steadily rising.

    Auction Starts at $400
    BIN at $600 Only!

    Grab this now!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2011
    kgrad, Nov 16, 2011 IP
  2. arichatz

    arichatz Member

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    100% - 6
    Good maths.
    arichatz, Nov 16, 2011 IP
  3. kgrad

    kgrad Well-Known Member

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    oops... sorry for the error. Corrected now. :)
    kgrad, Nov 16, 2011 IP
  4. ryan-isra

    ryan-isra Active Member

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    Not even up to $50 on October, next months are significant dropped revenue.
    ryan-isra, Nov 19, 2011 IP
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