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50 Email Subject Lines I Use For Inspiration

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by Alex_R, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Hi All

    I'm new and would like to share something. These are the 50 subject lines I use as a goto to for inspiration before writing my own ones.
    Not all are applicable for all niches, but it's easy to modify them for your needs. I generally tone them down a lot!

    Wow! I Did NOT See This Coming...
    Would You Do THIS For a Million Bucks?
    Where Were YOU When the Bomb Dropped?
    [URGENT] It's All About to Disappear!
    When Good Advice Goes Horribly Wrong...
    Can You REALLY Turn It All Around?
    What If You Didn't Have to Do ANYTHING?
    It Hurts, Doesn't It?
    Why You Can't Just Do THIS...
    Who's Really Screwing Whom Here?
    Guilt, Shame, and Cold Sweat...
    [FINALLY!] Stop Spinning Out of Control...
    I Bet YOU'VE Never Done This, Have You?
    “I'm Gonna Throw It Out the Damn Window!”
    Following THIS Advice Can Devastate Everyone...
    Why Are You Punching Yourself?
    Remember How You Felt When You First Heard THIS?
    Can You Do Better? Some Would Say NO...
    I Just Ate a Big Plate of Pride...
    [Question] Who Would Win In a Fight?
    Did You Drink the Poisoned Kool-Aid?
    Can 20 Minutes a Day Set You Free?
    The ONE Mistake You Can No Longer Afford to Make...
    Going Bananas Here... This Just Blew Me Away!
    Perhaps the WORST Idea I've Ever Had...
    You're Already At THIS Point!
    Nobody's Holding a Gun to Your Head, But...
    Please IGNORE This Email!
    [OPEN QUICK] The Rug Is Being Pulled Out... NOW!
    You're Just Begging For It...
    What Do “They” Expect From You?
    This Is WELL-BEYOND the Norm...
    Are You a FREAK? 3 Ways to Tell...
    Wanna Get Schooled?
    When the Dust Settles, Will You Be THIS Sad Sap?
    You Made Me Laugh!
    Don't You Just Love a Good Lie? Listen to THIS One...
    I Know Who's Stopping You... And It May Surprise You!
    [IMPORTANT] Clear Your Calendar... It's Hitting the Fan!
    Something Just Came Up. Do You Care?
    [SHOCKER] It's Finally Time to Face Facts.
    Not Giving Up... Overrated?
    Shame On You? Hahahaha!
    Here's Why It Keeps Happening to You...
    I Lost a Bet With Myself. What the...
    ...And They Said It Was Dying!
    Should ANYONE Have to Go Through This?
    What Fork? What Road?
    How I KNOW You're Going to Pull This Off...
    mail Subject Lines (General)
    Something THIS Volcanic Deserves Immediate Attention!

    I'd like to build up my rep. If you like any, please like my post :)
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2018
    Alex_R, Oct 7, 2018 IP
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  2. nasif123

    nasif123 Member

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    Valuable post. Thanks for the share.
    nasif123, Oct 7, 2018 IP
  3. SEORumer

    SEORumer Member

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    Great, thank you!
    SEORumer, Oct 7, 2018 IP
  4. b2bwriter

    b2bwriter Greenhorn

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    But why you have subject line "please ignore this email"
    I'm definitely going to ignore such email.
    b2bwriter, Oct 10, 2018 IP
  5. digitalbrunette

    digitalbrunette Greenhorn

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    Damn thanks for sharing this @Alex_R ... will bookmark this for when I broadcast emails
    digitalbrunette, Aug 24, 2019 IP