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5 Easy Yet Highly Cost Effective Ways To Promote Your Website

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by gerardm24, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Most small businesses or start-up entrepreneurs have a limited budget, to promote their website in order for customers to find them. There are however a few cost effective marketing methods that can be employed to promote any website within the search engines.

    1 – SEO remains the most natural way to ensure “organic visitors" to your site. The trick is to identify and use long-tailed keywords and key phrases that are integrated into the web page. The text preferably needs to contain 3 to 5 words/phrases that people would use to inquire about a product or service.
    Unique page titles, alt image descriptions and text layout, also contribute to effective SEO. Other than paying a web designer to implement this method, there is absolutely no cost to drive traffic to your site with SEO.

    2 – Exchange links with other websites where you put a link to them on your website; and they put a link to you on their website. It is best though, to link with a website that’s not competing with your business. It can however be in the same niche, so that products and services can complement each other.

    3 – Get listed with the major search engines. Most websites obtain results from only a few big search engines, so it makes sense to submit your site to only these few. The favorites are Google, Yahoo and Bing, but other ones can also be looked at. A sitemap should definitely be submitted because it helps search engine robots find all pages on the site. Indexing your site then becomes easier and quicker. Do not forget to use ping services (e.g. Pingler.com/Pinomatic.com etc.) whenever you update website content.

    4 – Get listed in directories specializing in your type of business. Most directories will allow a free listing with a few having a condition that you agree to link to them from your site. As with other link exchanges, always try to list with high page rank directories so that you benefit from their “domain authority”.

    5 – Social media engagement via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin is without a doubt, most effective and inexpensive ways of promoting your website. You can opt to put up a personal or company page but ensure that you post regularly and update with content that give value to readers.

    A variety of free and paid website marketing options exist for small business or start-ups, but some research is needed as to what type would produce the most effective results. It is best to start with one or two, gauge the success, and then progress to the others. This will eventually lead to have a marketing machine that is a blend of all the 5 mentioned above, and the results should eventually translate into increased visitors and more sales.
    gerardm24, Jul 15, 2020 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    Welcome to the forum. You'll find that the level of expertise at an internet marketing forum is probably a bit higher than in the general population.

    I'm fascinated that you think link exchanges still work. Have you got some data to back that up? Equally with directories - especially the ones that require a link back. really? in 2020?
    sarahk, Jul 15, 2020 IP
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  3. gerardm24

    gerardm24 Banned

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    Hi Sarahk,

    For some people of course, some of the above suggestions might be appropriate, and others might deem it not workable. For example, I belong to a network of online marketers within a FacebookSocial Media Group and do interchange links, via guest posting and comments. The intention was never to explicitly vouch that all of the above will work for everyone, 100% of the time, but merely suggestions to be looked at. Your insights are however noted, and your views highly respected.
    gerardm24, Jul 15, 2020 IP
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