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$5 and under section?

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by willyboy104, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Considering the not so new rules were implemented where products under $5 were to be moved and created in the freebies section, why not just make a new section in the BST forum catergory called "$5 and under" or something like that?

    This may sound like a very obvious question however i have not come across anyone else suggesting this, although i am sure a forum this active that there was a member who suggested this either way, can anyone answer my question?

    What do you think of the suggestion put forward?

    I only suggest this because, for the people who are offering services or products for $5 or under are competing for the first page place in a section where there are more posts than most other places if not anywhere else in the forum.

    I had my thread a couple of months back moved to the freebies section out of the advertising section fair enough this was my own fault for not reading the new rules put in place 10-20 days earlier however the thread was doing brilliantly in the advertising section with over 100 posts, after it was moved to the freebies section it was pushed to the back by everyone elses new threads offering free ten year old eBooks e.t.c

    For anyone who are trying to sell these products or services they have no chance. I understand this is due to people bumping threads to get them on the first page but don't you think thats as a result of this rule being put in place?
    I just dont understand the logic behind this either, the freebies section is for FREEbies? Not products that are for sale

    "If you are offering any sort of free services or products (or seeking them), this is the only place those offers should be posted." thats the freebies catergory explanation.

    I understand why this rule was put in place, but why move them to the freebies section?

    DP's logic some times baffles me.

    willyboy104, Jul 20, 2008 IP
  2. jhmattern

    jhmattern Illustrious Member

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    1. It's been suggested numerous times before. Shawn will create new forums if and when he decides there's a great enough need.

    2. I could be mistaken, but I believe the freebies section was originally just for actual freebies - hence the name and description. The $5 and under were added to that, because we don't want people exchanging iTrader on deals at that level.

    Any changes are up to Shawn if he feels like making them down the road.
    jhmattern, Jul 20, 2008 IP
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