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Selling 468x60 & Text Links - High Traffic Forum - 15,000UV+/day - Special Discount!

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by fri_2_freez, Jul 6, 2010.

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    I am selling banner ads on one my forum. The site address is :
    hxxp: // c*y*s*f*o*r*u*m .com (remove the *)
    It is a warez site, so you know already. If you are ok with that, then keep on reading.

    CysForum Stats
    * CysForum has a Google PR of 2
    * CysForum gets around 15,000 Unique Visitors Daily and over 30,000 Pageviews Daily
    - April Stats - May Stats - June Stats (unfortunately, awstats has failed me. I am forced to use Webaliser)
    * CysForum has Major traffic coming from USA and Europe
    - Stats - Stats
    * CysForum sends you around 300 Clicks per WEEK - Stats - Stats

    CysForum Ad-Spots
    Currently, we offer the following ad placement(s):
    * 468x60 Banner in the header - Location
    * Text Links in the header - Location
    # N.B: Unless stated otherwise, the ad spots are Site-wide, meaning they can be seen in every single page on CysForum

    CysForum Ad-Spot Pricing
    * 468x60 Exclusive Banner in the header
    1 Week Price - 10$! (was 12.99$)
    1 Month Price - 35$! (Was 44.99$)

    * 468x60 Rotation Banner in the header (To a Max of 3)
    1 Month Price - 25$! (Was 44.99$)

    * Text Links in the header
    1 Month Price - 14.99$ (was 17.99$)
    Add BOLD & COLOR for 1.01$ (Was 3.98$)

    Special Promotion for DigitalPoint Members! - Contact us for more info!
    Long Term Advertisement are subject to discounted tariff, please contact us if you plan to advertise here for a long term period.

    CysForum Ad Guideline
    * Sizes of banners should be respected.
    * Adult or Sensitive banners/links are subject to approval before they are displayed
    * The banners can only be in the following formats: *.jpg, *.gif. *.png or *.swf
    * Codes/Iframes are NOT allowed.
    * Links to Phishing, Scamming or other fraudulent sites will NOT be accepted.

    If you are interested, or require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me or ask here.
    Sorry, no trials. I have been selling banners since 2 years ago and my feedback can prove it. Thanks
    fri_2_freez, Jul 6, 2010 IP