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403 Forbidden accessing USB networked drive

Discussion in 'Apache' started by Riquez, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Maybe a bit of an unusual situation, but I hope someone can offer some advice.

    I have 2 network drives connected to a wireless router.
    Drive 1 is a true LAN drive & connected to the router via Ethernet.
    Drive 2 is connected to the router via USB.

    Both drives have Apache Aliases created

    Code (Text):
    1. Alias /lsmovies /Volumes/linkstation/Movies
    2. # Drive 1
    3. <Directory "/Volumes/linkstation/Movies">
    4.   Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
    5.     AllowOverride All
    6.     Order deny,allow
    7.     Allow from all
    8. </Directory>
    10. Alias /HD500 /Volumes/HD500
    11. # Drive 2
    12. <Directory "/Volumes/HD500">
    13.   Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
    14.     AllowOverride All
    15.     Order deny,allow
    16.     Allow from all
    17. </Directory>
    Then I have a local webpage that simply links to the drives.

    1. <p><a href="/lsmovies">Linkstation</a></p>
    2. <p><a href="/HD500">HD500</a></p>
    The first alias "lsmovies" is for Drive1 & the alias works fine I can access & browse the files via my local web system.

    The link to the 2nd drive gives "403 Forbidden"

    There is no problem accessing either drive though the OS when they are mounted on the desktop & there are no passwords or logins required.

    Now, as best I can guess - perhaps because its a USB drive the router is somehow expecting the webpage to login to the router first?

    I think this because in my OS (Mac OS X) I can see the 2 drives as shared drives.
    Drive 1 (linkstation) says "Connected as Guest" when I click on it.
    Drive 2 (HD500) shows as a sub-folder of my router & says "Connected as Riquez"

    If I access my router there is an option for file sharing on shared discs.

    File Sharing [on]
    Secure shared discs [with airport password]
    Airport discs Guest access [Read Only]

    Really not sure how to proceed, any ideas?
    Somehow I need to provide the airport password... in the link? in apache config?
    Riquez, Jan 14, 2011 IP
  2. Rudolf Bodocsi

    Rudolf Bodocsi Peon

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    Just one idea can you disable Security shared discs function on router? Can you tell a router model number?

    Rudolf Bodocsi, Jan 14, 2011 IP
  3. Riquez

    Riquez Peon

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    It's a Apple Airport Extreme.

    The full set of options are as follows.

    [x] Enable file sharing

    Secure shared discs [with airport password] with accounts (you can set up usernames/passwords), with a disk password (password only)
    Airport discs Guest access [Read Only] not allowed, read & write

    [ ] Share over internet via bonjour

    Configure for Windows file sharing
    Workgroup ________
    WINS Server ________

    From the desktop "get info" for the drive reveals permissions are set as "everyone : no access" but I am unable to change the permissions, I presume because the Airport router is managing access.

    I think there are a couple of ways I could proceed.
    a) give Apache the password
    b) provide password in the link
    c) set up router [with accounts] & create a user like www:pass123 & hope that acts like a system account. But then I dont see how the password can be given - back to the a & b options

    I think this has really become a question about Airport, rather than Apache which I had thought at first. So apologies for this becoming off topic.
    Riquez, Jan 14, 2011 IP