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Selling 400 One Way Links - $40.00 (200 Wordpress High Quality Private Blog Links)

Discussion in 'Services' started by WunschShrek, Sep 11, 2011.

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    400 One Way Links - $40.00 (High Quality Private Blog Network Links)

    This service that I am providing is 200 unique articles, posted to 200 different wordpress blogs. Each article can have two live links, for a total of 400 actual live links, from a private link building network that I use for my various internet marking campaigns. You can send the 400 all to one page, to different pages, or to two different sites (200 to each site) -- it is up to you!

    Prices :

    400 Links : $40.00 ( 200 Articles to 200 unique wordpress blogs, each article allowed two live links per article)

    All review copies have been sold previously, you can see in my feedback score and reviews below they have good reviews and also on backlinks forum, I am also soon to be offering my services on warriorforum.com

    These links are the kind of links that have an impact on your rankings, they can make a major shift, I have seen many people jump up several pages to page 1 just from my 4th or 5th tier packages.

    You will get the following :

    200 Articles posted to 200 unique wordpress blogs. Each article will have two live links, for a total of 400 total live links. You can split it up however you want, 200 to one site and 200 to another, to different pages on the same website, all to the same web page but with different anchor text, you have complete control just let me know what you want done.
    --A highly spun article with over 80% uniqueness.
    --To each blog a different copy of the spun article will be posted.
    --You can have two live links per article
    --Links can also be spun, to target more than two anchor texts, for example if your site was
    about fishing you could set up your links up like this :

    anchor text 1 - {Red|Yellow|Green|Blue} Fishing Poles
    anchor text 2 - {cheap|affordable|new|used} Tackle Boxes

    That would target 8 different sets of anchor text across all 207 blogs, and keep it to the maximum of 2 per post.

    Or you can target just two different keywords, you have complete control over this.

    The article will be one grabbed from EzineArticles, and I will spin it for you so that it is 80%+ unique.

    About the blogs --

    --They are all .com, .org and .net blogs, a few other tld's thrown in like .biz or .us but mostly the main three.

    AGED -- All domains are aged domains, the oldest was registered in 1997 and all of them were registered before 2007 except for about a dozen which are from 2009.

    Indexed with Page Rank -- All of these blogs are indexed and in perfect standing with google. The highest page rank out of the blog network is a PR5. None of them have any sort of google penalty or show N/A as the PR in the google toolbar.

    Different IP's and Registrars -- These blogs are set up in groups of 5, with different C-Class IP's and different registrar information, using a leading SEO Hosting Company. There is no footprint linking these blogs to one another, and I have been using this network for over two year with amazing results.

    Delivery Time - I can deliver up to two articles per day, so depending on how many people are currently in queue, will be how long i can get your order out. If I have 6 orders in queue when you place your order, it will take roughly 72 hours for your order to go out.

    Current Queue : ONE -- Orders going out within 24 hours currently.

    Money Back Guarantee - If I fail to deliver on any of the specifications made above I will refund your money.

    Any questions or concerns feel free to PM me.

    --DP Testimonials--

    You can check my feedback score or previous threads for proof of previous transactions and proof of many happy and repeat customers.
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    WunschShrek, Sep 11, 2011 IP
  2. chrise

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    I took a review copy and the service is well worth the money. Article was spun and unique titles were given to all posts. I did see an improvement in ranking almost immediately for my keywords. I would no hesitate to use this service again.
    chrise, Sep 12, 2011 IP
  3. WunschShrek

    WunschShrek Peon

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    Thanks a lot for posting your review.

    Out of the 10 review copies i sold, everyone else just said thanks a lot in private message, but then never showed up to post a review =/ They just took their 50% discount and ran =/

    Here is some more information on why these links work so well, and with only 200 domains and 400 total live links, they will move your domain up many rankings, I have seen some clients move up hundreds of spots with a new domain, from being all the way back in the 300 - 400 rankings, to being in the top 10 or top 20 within a few days. I have also seen hundreds of clients go from the bottom or middle of page 2, to getting into the top 5 of page one, some even cracking the number one or right behind to the number 2 spot.

    These links, while they are located on general topic blogs, The page title / H1 Tags on the page your links are on, will contain your primary keyword. The page will have a 300-400 word article on the same subject as your website, and it can contain two links buried in the content (in the middle of a paragraph, in the middle of a sentence) -- these are the best type of links you can get, googe, yahoo and bing pass much a lot more link juice than links that are not set up this way (signature links, directory, blog roll, home page, etc, etc)
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    WunschShrek, Sep 17, 2011 IP