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4 Powerful Cold Email Techniques to Reach CEOs and VIPs

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by GoGoChimp, Aug 21, 2018.


Do you use cold email?

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    Since launching my company in 2013, we’ve been working really hard at writing perfect cold emails that help our clients to reach their objectives quicker and easier than before.

    We send emails to hundreds of thousands of people each year and in some cases millions of people in a single month.

    What we’ve discovered is that people don’t like or respond to highfalutin sales emails.

    Similarly, many business owners get bogged down by complex strategies, funnels and copywriting techniques.

    A good cold email campaign is the polar opposite. It’s about a great message, great communication and great distribution.

    Question: What's the number one technique you use to get people to respond to your cold emails?
    Please feel free to share any statistics, images etc to help illustrate your technique!

    GoGoChimp, Aug 21, 2018 IP
  2. Daniel-MD

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    We've done bloggers and website owners outreach for several months already and what works for us best is to show exactly what the reader will get (what's in for him/her)
    Daniel-MD, Sep 30, 2018 IP