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4 Ad units are getting served in my pages. Anybody else is having such problems?

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by Rupam Das, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Hello. I am surprised to see 4 ad Units par page in my site (forum) since last two days. I have not modified any code as far as Ad placement is concerned. I use Ads in post bit of the forums. Earlier it used to be 3 Ad units no matter what number of posts were present. But I have started observing 4 ad units. I googled and found that few "premium publishers" are offered this privilege from Google. But my site is hardly a year old, under 3k page views daily and I do not see any reason for being given "Premium Publishers" tag.
    More pathetically it has significantly brought down my CPC while there is no significant increase in CTR. Kindly suggest me the solution or "to do" regarding this issue. Should I temporarily stop serving ads for few day and then try again?
    Rupam Das, Oct 3, 2012 IP