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Buying 3D Printing Services required professional or anyone with a 3D printer

Discussion in 'Services' started by Mkcoy, Feb 28, 2015.

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    Hello all. Any techies out there are involved with 3D printing and using 3D printers in anyway?

    You know what a 3D Printer is by now and how they work and all that and how they are meant to be the next industrial revolutionary life changer in many ways from 3D printed machines and engines with complex working parts to 3D printed buildings and very scary 3d printed human body parts like skin, bones and organs.

    I actually believe with this technology they will be able to 3d print a whole human body or parts for people that need them in accidents and emergencies. But in the meantime you can use them to create some cool personal items like 3d printed mobile cases and other accessories. Need a new part for your dishwasher? 3d print it. Need a new hinge for your door or a handle and lock? 3d print it. With so many different materials available to print in and a billion 3d models on 3d modeling software design sites available free to download and tinker with yourself the only limit is your imagination.
    Check out http://3dprintmymobile.com a site where you can get a unique customized 3d printed mobile case or cover for your mobile and other accessories like cases, covers, stands, docks and more. Choose from one of the models on the site or you can design and upload your own to be 3d printed for you and mailed to you.

    So we are looking for 3d printing services or anyone that runs a 3d printer to take on our 3d printing projects so if you're one of these people let us know and we'll work something out and get you on our list. We wouldn't ask you to print body parts or anything illegal or copyrighted just small projects like iphone cases etc that we'd pay you for through our customers.

    Thanks all and in the immortal words if Leonard Nimoy, live long and prosper.
    Mkcoy, Feb 28, 2015 IP
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    Hi there,

    We are a London based platform for worldwide on-demand 3D printing, laser cutting, metal casting, CNC Machining and other manufacturing services as well as CAD design and 3D scanning services. With 3DCompare.com You would get access to the manufacturing of any design/object you desire.

    3DCompare.com uses an outstanding range of different manufacturing techniques 200+ materials to make sure that Your order would be designed, manufactured and delivered just the way You want for the most suitable price.

    Please, don't hesitate to contact us if You are interested in our services or partnering with us.

    Best regards,

    Marketing Specialist at
    web: https://3dcompare.com/general-contact/
    3DCompare.com, Feb 11, 2019 IP