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301 redirect an entite folder to a specific URL

Discussion in 'Apache' started by gohotels, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Hello, I am trying to 301 redirect a folder and a page to a new url.The new url = http://www.gohotels.com/city/buenos_aires_argentina.htmThe old url = http://www.gohotels.com/destinations/argentina/buenos_airesThe old folder = http://www.gohotels.com/destinations/argentina/buenos_aires/The code that I am using in htaccess is RewriteEngine OnRedirect 301 /destinations/argentina/buenos_aires http://www.gohotels.com/city/buenos_aires_argentina.htmRedirectMatch 301 /destinations/argentina/buenos_aires/(.*) http://www.gohotels.com/city/buenos_aires_argentina.htmThe page re-directs fine however the folder re-directs to the new url and then adds a forward slash (followed by whatever the user typed) to the end of the url causing a 404 error.I need all pages in the old folder to forward to the new url http://www.gohotels.com/city/buenos_aires_argentina.htm - so if somebody typed http://www.gohotels.com/destinations/argentina/buenos_aires/old-hotel-name-or-anything-else they would get re-directed to http://www.gohotels.com/city/buenos_aires_argentina.htmNOT http://www.gohotels.com/city/buenos_aires_argentina.htm/old-hotel-name-or-anything-elseEssentially I want to make the re-direction to the url absolute and not allow variables or additional characters to be added..Any help would be appreciated, Many Thanks!
    gohotels, Jun 7, 2012 IP
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    Sorry but the post is not readable at all.
    Can you please format the text so it is read-friendly?
    SpiderxXx, Jun 9, 2012 IP