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3000+ High Quality PR0-PR9 Manual Directory Submission

Discussion in 'Services' started by zones88, May 11, 2010.

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    3000+ High Quality PR0-PR9 Manual Directory Submission

    When we talk about the SEO, manual directory submissions are the best of all both in worth and importance. It is the supplest technique that most of the websites try to follow its rule for good outcomes. You can find it by yourself if you visit different websites and blogs regarding this issue. Before going into details, you should know what actually the manual directory submission service is? It is basically the web directory sites just like phone directory where you can find links of the various sites. And at this site, you can submit your web site. In a result, you will be attached to the related websites of your type and many of the websites are also linked with your site. This all procedure will help your site to get good rank in search engines and your online profits will increase with every single click. The directory submission can change the life of your business. It is just like a revolutionary thunder storm for your business. The more but quality links your site offers to the users, the more income you get. But you have to choose the best directory and the one who offers the most related link. It is obvious that on a page of clothes, you can not link a car leasing company link. So be more specific and make a good choice.

    For the manual directory submission service, our website target categorical keywords, each link is selected on the basis of quality, reliability, accuracy, relevancy, efficiency and lineage. These features assure the online success of your business websites. We are not just linking different website with your link but we have a best search engine results and high quality website links with good ranks and standing. Our directory links will act as a backbone for improving your site ranking in SEO services. Last but not the least, we are offering the one way link so you do not need to get through the multiple linking.

    Some of the main key features that will help you understand our services better are as follows:

    1. We offer the manual linking to almost all the web directories. We have highly educated and qualified staff to help and guide you further for your business. We are offering one way links for your websites and you do not need to have multiple link problems.
    2. We approximately on the daily basis try to update, upgrade, appraise and authenticate the links that we offer in our directory submission services. We try to make sure that all the websites we have are not blacklisted and virus free before we make them part of our web services.
    3. We do have customer relation services as well. Our separate skilled staff answers all your inquiries on behalf of our company policies.
    4. After the submission in our directory, we generate and provide you the full report of the process and websites that are linked with your website.
    5. The cost of our manual directory submission service is same as the other service providers are offering. But we promise higher quality and 70 - 100% submission guaranteed.
    6. Our directories list of 3000 + free directories are regularly updated every few days and all page rank is up to date mark.
    7. We have packages starting from 100 directories submissions to 3000 directories submission.
    8. Customized submissions packages can also be asked from us according to your need of page rank specific directories.

    Package and Prices

    Package 1
    250 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $10
    Package 2
    500 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $20
    Package 3
    1000 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $30
    Package 4
    1500 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $40
    Package 5
    2000 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $50
    Package 6
    2500 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $60
    Package 7
    3000 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $70

    The above fees and submission count applies only to single website (homepage only).

    I Need Following Details To Start The Work:
    Submission Name - name used at directories during submission process
    Site Url - Give the Url of your website ( Only Homepage )
    Site Title - Give up to 6 different titles 3 - 5 words
    Site Description - Give up to 6 different descriptions 150 - 200 characters in length
    Site Keywords - Give up to 4 different keywords
    Site Category - Give up to 4 different categories
    Submission Email - Please provide me your Email Address so that I can send the Report

    Submission Timing:
    max 10 days
    min 1 -2 days

    PAYMENT : PAYPAL only.
    zones88, May 11, 2010 IP
  2. dpking

    dpking Peon

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    I'm intrested for 3000 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $70
    But as u have zero iTrades can u accept payments after u send me reports ??
    Let me know in Private Msg if ur answer is yes!
    dpking, May 11, 2010 IP
  3. danis82

    danis82 Greenhorn

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    I'm interested your services can you submit for my site ? I select Package 5
    2000 PR0 - PR9 directory submission - $50.

    danis82, May 13, 2010 IP