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2 years Chassing the dream ... any success ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nocimilien, May 21, 2018.

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    Hey everyone noximilien here,

    - 2 years ago I dropped out of college, fueled by Gary V, Tai lopez, Grant Cardone, Alex Becker I decided to become an entrepreneur at the age of 19, and here how my journey went:

    -Now at the age of 21 and reflecting on this decision, I want you guys to learn from me and benefit from my experience, my trial and error.
    - At first I tried fiverr, realizing the only skill at the time i had was translating from arabic to french and english, i didn't rank hire so no one hired me and i made no money.
    -I then decided to go create content on YouTube, suprize I didn't make it either since i was quick to give up and there was no pay off.
    -After that I wanted to learn SEO, and same happened after a while I gave up again.
    -After that i wanted to get into CPA or affiliate marketing but supersize, back then i had no money or capital so yeah ... things went bad again and i gave up!

    - the goes on goes on for a very long time of me trying something and giving up time after time, it was hard guys, but then i decided to try dropshipping and stick to it for over a year a made no dime, I was in a labyrinth of giving up and then go back at it, starting stores and closing them after no success, until I hit it....

    -I noticed that the main reason a was failing was because i wasn't even trying, i had the illusion that i was working but what i was doing was surfing facebook group and youtube all day, and taking no action at all.
    -With the experience I had as a video/photo editor, basic SEO and marketing experience, and hard work creating offers and ranking them, optimizing them, seeing what works and what doesn't, I finally made it, within 10 days I started making about 50 dollars a day, I optimized it and built upon it and i started making 300 dollars 1 month later.

    - with my little success in hand I started helping other people on facebook groups, soon business owners started contacting me and offering to pay me for consulting/managing their ads/ creating their offers, ect ....

    And now I make 15000 to 25000 dollars per month as a drop out from a third world country. only 21 years old, I had no access to any mentor, I was just addicted to porn and lazy.

    If i'm able to do it, you can do it too, i believe that everyone have the capacity to turn their success switch on. if you have any question please do no hesitate to ask me I open to answer any question you have.

    peace out.
    Nocimilien, May 21, 2018 IP