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Selling 19 x Unique, Aged and High Quality Proxy Sites

Discussion in 'Sites' started by venturefox, May 14, 2016.

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    Hello All,

    It's been a while since I've sold on digitalpoint but used to sell here quite often. I have been running a web proxy network for many years and will continue to do so. All domains were hand picked for quality before development.
    Why are you selling these sites?

    I have got another job eating up most of my time, so have decided to trim back some of the sites in the network and give you the chance to pick up some real gems going cheap!

    All the websites for sale:
    StudySurf.com - Set up in 2007, Expires 2017, Custom Template - $35. 320 Visitors
    SourceProxy.com - Set up in 2007, Expires 2017. 368 Visitors
    Lurk.info - Set up 2010, Expires June 2016. 337 Visitors.
    IPCamouflage.com - Set up 2012, Expires 2017. 350 Visitors
    ProxyFriend.com - Set up 2014, Expires 2017. 409 Visitors.
    HideNode.com - Set up 2012, Expires 2017. 340 Visitors.
    TitanProxy.com - Set up in 2014, Expires March 2017. 47 Visitors.
    HonestProxy.com- Set up in 2014, Expires Feb 2017. 59 Visitors.
    AnonymityProxy.com - Set up in 2014, Expires July 2016. 97 Visitors.
    PokeProxy.com - Set up in 2013, Expires August 2016. 128 Visitors.
    ProxyScope.com - Set up in 2010, Expires Jan 2017. 163 Visitors.
    Disguising.info - Set up in 2012, Expires May 2016. 158 Visitors.
    VPNUse.com - Set up in 2011, Expires Nov 2016. 222 Visitors
    TVProxy.info - Set up in 2012, Expires Feb 2017. 186 Visitors
    FunkNetwork.com - Set up in 2006, April 2017- $30. 170 Visitors
    ProxyAddon.com - Set up in 2012, Expires Feb 2017. 217 Visitors.
    USProxyFree.com - Set up in 2012, Expires May 2016. 249 Visitors.
    PupilProxy.com - Set up in 2006, Expires Dec 2016, Custom Template - $35. 261 Visitors.
    ProxyForex.com - Set up in 2014, Expires July 2016. 333 Visitors.

    Each one is $20 unless otherwise stated, unique visitors in last month beside domain. Willing to make deals if you want to bulk buy.

    How are they monetized?

    Adsense and proxy page banner ads.

    Do these sites come with any social media accounts?
    No, most of my proxies have a "like" bar though with Twitter and Facebook buttons on.

    How much time does it take to run?
    You could refresh all the content on these sites and repromote them at the various proxy lists around. This would give you a nice spike in traffic. Other than that, I spend very little time maintaining these proxy sites.

    What challenges are there with running the site?
    You'd need a reasonable VPS or hosting plan because the scripts they are running can be quite intensive. I rent 3 dedicated servers and we can potentially work out a deal where you can stay on them for a fair price each month.

    Why should you buy these?
    Every single one of these proxy sites was built by me - they all have unique content written to target the domain keywords. Each one has a different template, some are custom designs built for the site. They are also interlinked from my wider proxy network and those links will remain for at least 3 months. Some have been online for many years.

    The domains are registered at either Godaddy, Name or Namecheap.com - use who.is to find out where and when they expire.

    Side note: I can provide Adsense and Analytics detail on demand but have no plans to link those accounts to digitalpoint. I find it insulting enough having to give them full access to my paypal account just to sell a website.
    venturefox, May 14, 2016 IP
  2. Aymen Chikhaoui

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    Hi, ;) Do The math and suggest your price for all of them ,than we'll talk
    Aymen Chikhaoui, Aug 1, 2016 IP