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18Yo Just Fin College, Best Online Biz? Dropship, Affiliate Marketing,Day Tading? Want to StartEarly

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by aspwlf, Jul 18, 2019.

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    Look i know its asked alot but you know ... uhm im special. joking . if you have time you can read :D if not then nvm XD

    Okay so just finished college, ive been looking into AF for a while and have been doing it on instagram basically promting a service that grows your followers and you can make money by reffering people

    its okay i guess, not sure ill make a living but thats why i want to ask,.

    what would you reccomend i learn and put all my time into?
    Dropship, Affiliate Marketing, Day Tading Or Other???

    I know theres sub sections for all but maybe you can tell me the so callled best one you think i should learn from scratch, soon as i have time now to rather find a job or learn somthing.

    im from uk if that makes any differnce maybe one of them is going to be more successful in the uk idk? Id be happy with an income of 30k a year, thats it. dont need 6 figures llike seriously my goal is 30k a year profit so.

    I tried ebay DS but i was using software which got me banned and ive heard that manual DS is better. But then people say dont do ebay at all switch to amazon. and then theres Shopify and getting traffic from ads or facebook or instagram etc..... Trading i dont know anything about really lol i just saw people make money :p

    Soon as im 18 i mean I dont have TUNS to invest i guess? depends how much.
    Maybe you can give me a answer upon if money is no limit and an option if moeny is a limit. Ive heard that trading Is a money needed so uh .... m

    But yeah, what would you say i should start early on and master?
    Ive paid for a few courses but wont spend alot on them so i didnt buy anymore. Maybe if you would teach me one on one id pay you for a mentor? im only 18 though so please dont think i can pay you grands :p maybe if you mentor me and i make however much, then i can pay you back with my profit because id tottaly do that. even if it would cost me 2k id be happy because then at least its from my profits and its working :D

    for now my goal is like idk minimum wage online because well im just being too realsitic, i dont really believe in them courses that say OHH MAKE 6 figures a month, maybe its possible but people are selling the courses to make money :D thats like an online method to make money. courses. so now i dont buy them because yeah.

    Anyone could speak to me on chat maybe steam skype discord? maybe mentor me for idk a price or work out somthing where if i make the money online id happily pay you. or just let me know below? what should i learn :)
    18Yo Just Fin College, Best Online Biz? Dropship, Affiliate Marketing,Day Tading? Want to StartEarly
    aspwlf, Jul 18, 2019 IP
  2. JoeSpirit

    JoeSpirit Active Member

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    I know of something coming up you might be interested in. It's geared toward spending half an hour a day for about a month to learn how to build an online business with zero out-of-pocket spending. You can speed the process up if you have some funds to invest in a few resources.

    I went through it the last time it surfaced and found it successful. I'm going to go through it again with a new book I have in the editing phase.

    If you want the info message me and I'll send it your way when I get it.

    By the way this is a challenge and the cost of participation is $17. That's a one-time cost and you'll own all the materials so you can go through the challenge any time you wish in the future.

    There's an option for getting it free you can look into and there's a one-on-one mentoring offer from the provider. I didn't opt in for the one-on-one last time and don't remember what the cost for that is. And, of course, since I didn't opt in I can't say how good that mentoring support is.
    JoeSpirit, Jul 19, 2019 IP
  3. Monkeycom

    Monkeycom Peon

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    Focus your effort on building an email list. It's the only way to build a real business online, which you'll be able to sell for few millions.
    Monkeycom, Aug 22, 2019 IP
  4. kb24

    kb24 Well-Known Member

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    You can start for free but at some point you will need to spend money to scale. Look into some step by step training.
    kb24, Jan 12, 2020 IP