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Selling 16 Sites With UNIQUE Content - QUICK SALE!

Discussion in 'Sites' started by bdgbdg, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Hello and welcome to the sale of this pack of websites.

    All of them have unique content and have ranked / are ranking on Google for a wide variety of keywords, getting some daily traffic which ranges from 10 - 100 visits a day.
    The domains / keywords that are targeted for are the following:

    www.batteryoperatedheater.net battery operated heater
    www.batteryoperatedheater.net battery powered heater
    www.batteryoperatedheater.net electric garage heaters
    www.batteryoperatedheater.net propane heater
    www.batteryoperatedheater.net electric fireplace
    www.batteryoperatedheater.net amish space heater
    www.batteryoperatedheater.net infrared heaters
    www.buycoolfishtanks.com cool fish tanks
    www.buycoolfishtanks.com modern fish tanks
    www.buycoolfishtanks.com exotic fish for sale
    www.buycoolfishtanks.com tropical fish for sale
    www.buycoolfishtanks.com saltwater fish for sale
    www.buycoolfishtanks.com fish tanks for sale
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com cleaning laminate floors
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com how to clean porcelain tile
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com how to clean bamboo floors
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com how to clean laminate wood floors
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com best way to clean laminate floors
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com how to clean marble floors
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com how to clean hardwood floors
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com hardwood floor cleaner
    www.claninglaminatefloors.com how to clean laminate floors
    www.heartdata.net mild heart attack symptoms
    www.heartdata.net what is a myocardial infarction
    www.heartdata.net pictures of the human heart
    www.heartdata.net stroke symptoms for women
    www.heartdata.net widowmaker heart attack
    www.heartdata.net how to prevent heart disease
    www.heartdata.net heart disease prevention
    www.silkscreenkit.net silk screen kit
    www.silkscreenkit.net how to silkscreen at home
    www.silkscreenkit.net silk screening at home
    www.silkscreenkit.net screen printing equipment
    www.silkscreenkit.net t shirt printing machine
    www.smallmotorhomesreviews.com small motorhomes
    www.affordablegaminglaptops.org affordable gaming laptops
    www.affordablegaminglaptops.org best laptops under 500
    www.affordablegaminglaptops.org good gaming laptops
    www.affordablegaminglaptops.org cheap gaming laptop
    www.anxietysymptomsinmen.net anxiety symptoms in men
    www.anxietysymptomsinmen.net anxiety attack symptoms in men
    www.anxietysymptomsinmen.net symptoms of anxiety attack
    www.anxietysymptomsinmen.net anxiety symptoms in women
    www.babybeachtent.net baby beach tent
    www.best3dglassesreview.com best 3d glasses
    www.best3dglassesreview.com 3d glasses review
    www.best3dglassesreview.com buy 3d glasses
    www.bestspaceheater.net best space heater
    www.bestspaceheater.net best space heaters
    www.bestspaceheater.net most efficient electric heater
    www.bestspaceheater.net energy efficient space heaters
    www.bestspaceheater.net most efficient space heater
    www.bestspaceheater.net infrared heaters reviews
    www.bestspaceheater.net electric heater reviews
    www.computerprivacyscreens.net computer privacy screen
    www.computerprivacyscreens.net privacy screen for laptop
    www.computerprivacyscreens.net monitor privacy screen
    www.computerprivacyscreens.net laptop privacy screen
    www.computerprivacyscreens.net privacy screen for monitor
    www.dogseatingchocolate.com dogs eating chocolate
    www.dogseatingchocolate.com foods dogs should not eat
    www.hdwebcamreview.com hd webcam reviews
    www.hdwebcamreview.com best hd webcam
    www.hdwebcamreview.com wireless webcams
    www.hdwebcamreview.com wireless webcam
    www.hdwebcamreview.com 1080p webcam
    www.hdwebcamreview.com hd web camera
    www.topfootmassagerreviews.com foot massager
    www.topfootmassagerreviews.com foot massager reviews
    www.topfootmassagerreviews.com best foot massager
    www.usbhubreview.net usb hubs
    www.usbhubreview.net usb hub review
    www.usbhubreview.net usb hub reviews

    I am selling all of these websites for a total of $500, a more than fair price for the wide variety of sites, content, keyword research and a lot more.

    Hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.
    bdgbdg, Nov 4, 2012 IP
  2. moustafa

    moustafa Well-Known Member

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    Do you have any revenue made from these websites?

    Can you send me analytics proof of traffic?
    moustafa, Nov 4, 2012 IP