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16 Quick and Painless Do-Follow Links

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by Sean Gugerty, Jun 26, 2018.

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    Here are 16 Quick and Painless Do-Follow Links for beginning the process of developing your website's backlinks. Everyone knows that just because you put your link onto a website it isn't guaranteed to pass authority.
    However the one's on this list were all checked on 06/08/2018 and are confirmed to pass authority to your domain. A couple really important things to keep in mind when building links
    • Don't point all your links at your Homepage, instead span them out equally throughout your website. Think of the links flowing like a circulatory system, you need both outbound links and a strong network of internal ones as well.
    • Whenever you can opt for contextual links and surround the link in website relevant content. 450-500 words should be your minimum ideally.
    • Anchor text should be naturally occurring and have variance between links. Feel free to checkout my DoFollow Link Article that will provide guidance on proper placements of your links for the sites shown on my infographic.

    1. Pinterest
    2. About Me
    3. Tumblr
    4. 500 PX (Don't use anything but photography or they get mad and ban happy lol!)
    5. Dropmark
    6. Active Rain
    7. Moby Picture
    8. Accounting Web
    9. MoZ (200+ MoZ Points)
    10. Linked In (Create Business Page)
    11. Youtube(5 Channel Links)
    12. Vimeo
    13. Twitch TV (Link Immediately at top in video description)
    14. ReverbNation (Requires Song, Get a creative commons one off SoundCloud)
    15. Buzzsprout (Requires a podcast, record yourself talking about your niche)
    16. Bandcamp (Requires Song, Get a creative commons one off SoundCloud)
    Sean Gugerty, Jun 26, 2018 IP
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