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Selling 100% Unique Content Writing Service At Just $ 3.50 Per 500 Words◄ ◄ ◄

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by HighTechOcean, Aug 16, 2019.



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    Do you need High footfalls for your site?
    If YES, then contact us today

    To beat the competition online, you have to hire certain means to promote your services and product, and who better than content writers.

    • But how do they promote your services?
    • Why a site manager ought to contract content writers?
    • By what means would you be able to examine that your hired services are qualified?
    Presently the website owners all over the world are faced with a great question, i.e. whether at all to hire content writers or not. The compulsory answer to this question is always a Yes. When you hire efficient content writers like us, we are sure to bring with us an increased rate of footfalls to your sites.

    About Our Company

    We are one of the most experienced groups of content writers in the industry. Not only do we generate content but also generate content that in turn generates footfalls to the website of the website owners. The sole motto behind hiring the services of the content writing firms is to generate the customer viability and get them to notice and excavate the sites. That is what our content writers do.

    We generally hear the common phrase that "time is cash"! This is 100% right. The most vital motivation to contract content writers like us is to spare time and in return also cash. When you hire us and our services, with us taking care of the promotional writing part, you then have more time to give to advertising and running your site. For example, as opposed to investing your time creating site content, you could utilize it attempting to accomplish a higher Page Rank on Google, which implies more guests to your site and more income for you.

    Why hire us?
    • We produce top class, well researched and informative content
    • The content is always customized as per the need of the client
    • The content is every time well formatted, 100% error free and easily readable
    • Our content generates footfalls and increases Google page rank

    Services We Are Offering:

    Our range of content starts from SEO articles, LSI articles, blogs, Tech articles and General articles as well. The duration is 24 to 72 hours and if the volume of work is heavy, then after telling the client, it may also be increased.

    We have three dimensional approaches to creating the best for you:
    • Unique contents
    • Fresh content
    • Spin free contents
    Along with quality and unique, we also provide the following offers to our customers
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    • Discount on Bulk work
    • Meeting deadline
    With all these and more positive results, it becomes hard to not hire us.

    Our Rate:
    $3.50 Per 500 Words​

    How To Order:
    • PM or Email the Details of your order (Mention your DP User Name when Emailing) to
    • Reply will be sent with the information about completion time etc
    • Send your paypal payments to
    • Make a Post in the Thread to identify your order

    Contact Information:
    Gtalk -
    Skype - HighTechOcean

    Payment mode:
    PayPal Id -
    HighTechOcean, Aug 16, 2019 IP
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    You may want to edit your title where it says: $.3.5 Per 500 Words. You have an extra dot there.
    qwikad.com, Sep 20, 2019 IP
  3. Mizan Rahman

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    Where you from? Do you have fiverr or upwork profile?
    Mizan Rahman, Sep 20, 2019 IP
  4. FillSmith

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    Same question, where i can check reviews of your work?
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2021
    FillSmith, Sep 21, 2021 IP