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Buying $100 to the person who can make me this Wordpress plugin

Discussion in 'Programming' started by GoBuckeyes02, Aug 30, 2011.

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    I have a site at http://www.ListsHere.com and need a plugin made to make my life easier. If you go to one of my most recent published lists, like http://www.listshere.com/10-greatest-mobsters-in-history , you can see the numbering of my elements on the left in large font. Right now, I have to code that manually (I am now starting to copy and paste the code, but it's still an enormous hassle). Basically, I want a plugin that already has that done for me, and I just have to enter in my element title (like "Al Capone" in the list I gave as an example), and the paragraph(s) to go with it in their own sections. The first person to do this for me gets $100.
    GoBuckeyes02, Aug 30, 2011 IP
  2. Cash Nebula

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    Job Done, PM sent. Thanks mate :)
    Cash Nebula, Aug 30, 2011 IP