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1 Step away from Adsense a/c - please Help me

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by FreeFun4Every1, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Hello every 1 please help me to solve this one
    I am at the last step to approve my adsense a/c
    Google reply me

    as they told me i have created a separate page the URL is
    But when i am trying to verify this the URL box is too small
    see below i can't write the full name of my domain so How can i write that long URL????:confused:

    Now please help me i am very thankful to you

    Can I use tinyurl.com to short my url????
    FreeFun4Every1, Apr 1, 2009 IP
  2. jesi

    jesi Active Member

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    Its very difficult for you :O
    bcoz suppose if you creat page with the name of "1"
    your page name will be added after ".com" and it will be like this >>> yoururl.blogspot.com/1.html

    and in the snap, your missing characters are "t.com" at the end of url

    so if you use tiny url you will definitely remove http://

    and when you remove these words http:// you will have space for 7 more characters

    and you have to add t.com/1.html these words (total 12) words

    so you may be able to put 7 more, then you will again missing ".html"

    better to mail them all these details
    jesi, Apr 1, 2009 IP
  3. cpanel

    cpanel Peon

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    Buy a domain, make a site on it, add unique content in the site and reapply again. That's all.
    cpanel, Apr 1, 2009 IP
  4. B'd

    B'd Peon

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    Don't put the http part in the url address.

    Just put wallpapers4ever.blogspot.com in the URl address and make sure that your homepage contains that email.

    thank you
    B'd, Apr 1, 2009 IP
    FreeFun4Every1 likes this.
  5. FreeFun4Every1

    FreeFun4Every1 Prominent Member

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    i like your idea B'd thanx for help i'll try this one:)

    and Cpanal if i'll buy new domain so i have to wait for 6 month as per Adsense policy which i had already done:mad:
    FreeFun4Every1, Apr 1, 2009 IP