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1 boost of political comedy post = 15 year acct shut down. Need help ASAP

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by freddy deans, Feb 11, 2020.

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    15 year US FB user. Just launched new musical artist page, and posted music video making fun of Trump. No nudity. No profanity. No violence. No threats. No misinformation.

    FB spammed me 10x daily in feed to boost the post. I finally did last night.

    Woke up to email saying my 10+ year old ad account had been suspended for some unspecified violation of ad terms, and followed link to appeal.

    Couldn't appeal because forced to give ID, photo, security questions, etc. All provided. All legit. All match profile exactly.

    Most of a day later, all I see is:

    You Can't Use Facebook Right Now
    We're currently reviewing your submission.

    We're always looking out for the security of our community, so until then you won't be able to use Facebook

    No explanation. No appeal. No timetable. Nowhere to check if anything at all is actually being done, or if they ever intend to let me know anything at all.

    After reading up, I assume this has to do with political content in ads. Ignoring that I was just doing what they kept hounding me to do... I'm fine with weeding out the bots, but they have WAY more than they need to verify that I'm EXACTLY who I say I am, and I can't even access page to dispute ad account ban.

    Personal profile has thousands of industry friends it took me 15 years to accumulate, and I'm the only admin of the page... which has it's debut single out in 3 days. What can I do RIGHT NOW to resolve this?
    freddy deans, Feb 11, 2020 IP