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1&1 = scammers

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by trainhappy, Jul 2, 2014.

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    Last week, 1&1 locked me out of my account. I have tried to contact them for several days, and today I found that they sold my domain http://who.is/domain-history/whoisdoma.net, if you look closely it was recently updated today. Is there any solution, would anyone be able to help me get it moved to godaddy or a registrar that is not 1&1?
    trainhappy, Jul 2, 2014 IP
  2. Agent000

    Agent000 Prominent Member

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    Over the yrs I have seen 100's of posts like this where someone is complaining about this exact same sort of thing. Every time when we get the other side of the story, what the host/registrar had done was legitimate and right. What are you not telling us?
    Agent000, Jul 3, 2014 IP
  3. Rado_ch

    Rado_ch Well-Known Member

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    Come on now, you cannot seriously believe that :) Speaking of legitimate - maybe, because many hosts have outrageous ToS, but Rightful? - nah, not at all. I have heard/seen/experienced such nonsensical scenarios with other hosts that I certainly believe who is right is on a case-by-case scale. I'd say its 50/50 and indeed many client stories turn out to be just one side of the story.

    Back ontopic, I only have one assumption of how everything went. As you say that you were locked out of your account and a little time later the ownership of your domain changed, it is possible that someone (who you either gave access or gained unauthorised access) went into your account and changed all details, both for hosting and domain, thus locking you out completely. I am not aware if 1&1 send automatic emails whenever personal account details are changed, but usually its the best practice as customer has time to react and confirm/deny the changes. In any ways your best bet is to contact 1&1 and see what is going on, explaining your case in details. Hopefully they would be responsive and helpful and you can get your account and domain back.
    Rado_ch, Jul 3, 2014 IP
  4. trainhappy

    trainhappy Greenhorn

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    My account said "Contact Support" when I tried to login. The 1&1 security team told me that they don't accept unverifyed paypal accounts - even though I gave them the documents they requested, which I will note that they still have the $.99 cents I paid for the domain. I requested the domain to be canceled thinking they would drop the domain, instead they don't drop the domain, they give it away. They are a very shady company that I will not be using again.

    Edit: I will be submitting a complaint to ICANN in regards to 1&1.
    trainhappy, Jul 3, 2014 IP
  5. jrbiz

    jrbiz Acclaimed Member

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    I find it hard to believe that 1&1 or just about any registrar is going to risk its reputation and/or be vindictive over a cancelled $.99 order. It sounds to me like you told 1&1 to cancel your account (in which case the domain is immediately available for sale) because you could not pay in a form that they accepted. Having cancelled your account, they then sold the domain again, which they or any other registrar at that time have every right to do. There is no such thing as "dropping" a domain; when a domain is not owned by someone, it is available for anyone else to buy via any registrar (not just 1&1.) In fact, another registrar may have sold it this time.

    Now, if you are surprised at how fast your domain got picked up by someone else and if it is not a "marquee" domain that would normally get snapped up quickly, you may want to look into your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances -- especially anyone that you may have mentioned the website to. Stranger things have happened.

    By the way, I suspect that if you follow up with 1&1, they will refund the $.99
    jrbiz, Jul 3, 2014 IP
  6. oxplode

    oxplode Member

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    1&1 is the worst of the worst. Despite letting my domain expire and opting out to automatically pay for another year when it does, they tried to charge me. I used an unverified paypal to pay for it originally, when they charged me for the second year there was no money in the paypal yet they still hosted it. They were bombarding me with email, phone call mobile/home. Never replied and they seemed to have died down now. They can go fuck themselves.
    oxplode, Aug 7, 2014 IP