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Selling | $0.02 per word | Best Native English Writers | 48 Hours TAT | 100% unique | Premium Quality

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by whitewave, May 10, 2014.

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    Are you looking for the cheapest articles on Digital Point?
    If 'YES' then...


    If You're Looking for...

    * English Writers
    * A Fast Turnaround (18-48 hours)
    * 100% Unique Content
    * Genuine Fresh Writing - No Spun Rubbish
    * Any Writing Style

    * * * WE ARE WRITERS 4 RENT * * *

    Don't get us wrong...
    $1 articles
    that are spun gibberish, or written in 'pigeon English', that provide illegible content for your readers, that may trigger Spam alerts, written only to be put on link networks to get a stinky backlink from a glorified link farm, are fine for some people (good luck).
    However, if you actually want researched articles, written by English writers who are educated graduates, who will provide readable and useful content then you know you'll pay a bit extra, but you also know you'll reap the rewards later.

    "Google wants unique, useful, fresh content.
    Provide it, and be rewarded by better rankings.


    Our writing services are not 'off the shelf' because the cost depends on your requirements, your niche, word count, number purchased etc.

    You must therefore contact us to discuss your needs first

    Bearing in mind what we just said, a guide to our prices are as follows...

    Why Choose Us?
    * See the reasons above.... plus
    * We are a real business who care about our customers
    * We use our own services on our own websites
    * We are in business for the long term

    Our Services: Click here
    FAQ: Click here
    How to Order: Click here
    Samples: Click here
    Guarantee: Click here
    Testimonials: Click here
    Contact us/ Order: Click here

    SO, if you understand the TRUE value of quality articles we look forward to working with you.
    If you don't, then we wish you luck.

    whitewave, May 10, 2014 IP
  2. ac3_spad3s

    ac3_spad3s Well-Known Member

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    Fantastic writer! Worth every penny and more.. thanks again for the quick TAT
    ac3_spad3s, May 11, 2014 IP
  3. whitewave

    whitewave Well-Known Member

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    cool - thanks for that!
    whitewave, May 11, 2014 IP