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    Discover how to flood your Instagram account with real, authentic followers that will buy whatever you're selling!


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    Ascend Viral accepts either PayPal or Credit Card. If you would like to pay with Bitcoin, please contact me via PM. All payments are secured through PayPal or Stripe. The eBook will be delivered immediately to your email address after payment. Please check our terms and conditions for our refund policy.

    7.0 (June 2019)

    • Created a new chapter: Fan Page Method Exposed
      • Includes: Instructions on how to create your own fan page network
      • Includes: Instructions on how to create durable accounts
      • Includes: Instructions on how to manage and organize hundreds of fan page accounts
    • Lowered “Ratio Cycle” example due to recent action block algorithms.
    • Lowered “Ascend Viral Recommended Max Limits” due to recent action block algorithms.
    • Removed several pages of outdated tools and methods within the eBook.
    • Made minor 2019 updates to various sections.

    6.0 (October 2018)

    • Created a new chapter: Mastering Reach & Engagement
      • Includes: Building, Joining & Using Engagement Groups
      • Includes: Is your Instagram reach struggling?
      • Includes: Account Scores & Power-Likes
    • Restructured the entire format of the eBook so it flows better from chapter to chapter
    • Removed the bonus chapters (still available in community)
    • Removed the pages regarding content creation tools (still available in community)

    5.0 (June 2018)

    • 110 new pages since V1
    • Created a new chapter: Profile & Content Strategies
      • Includes: Content Creation for Instagram
      • Includes: Content Creation Examples & Theories
      • Includes: Content Creation Tools
      • Includes: Stories & Live
    • Added Growing using Shout-Outs to the Account Growth chapter
    • Updated the Deconstructing Hashtags and the Explore Tab section for the Summer of 2018
    • Added a section about product tagging to the Making Money chapter
    • Added a section about turning your eCommerce store into an app

    4.0 (December 2017)

    • Created a new chapter: Deconstructing Hashtags & the Explore Tab
      • Includes: Deconstructing Hashtags
      • Includes: Deconstructing the Explore Tab
    • Added Deconstructing Viral Posts to the Advanced Instagram Techniques chapter.
    • Added Finding Viral Posts to the Advanced Instagram Techniques chapter.
    • Restructured the entire format of the eBook so it flows better from chapter to chapter.

    3.0 (July 2017)

    • Created a new chapter: Advanced Instagram Techniques
      • Includes: Analyze Post Performance
    • Created a new chapter: Make $30,000 a Month by Becoming an IG Management Agency
    • Updated: Algorithms: Hashtags & Explore to accommodate Instagram's latest algorithmic updates

    2.0 (March 2017)

    • Included: How to Properly Use Engagement Groups in the Phases of Growth section.
    • Included elements of: How to Go Viral on Instagram & How to Find Viral Content on Instagram throughout the content section.
    • Included elements of: How to Select the Best Hashtags for Your Account in the Algorithms: Hashtags & Explore section.
    • Included elements of: How to Properly Set Up Your Instagram Profile & How to Find the Best Instagram Username throughout the content section.
    • Included a link to: How IGKing Makes $100 Daily with Instagram on Autopilot.
    • Included several Major Key Alerts throughout the eBook to re-emphasize certain key points.

    1.0 (December 2016)

    • Initial release
    • Over 100 pages of incredible Instagram marketing content!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    This eBook is for everyone who is looking to grow and prosper on Instagram! Whether you are trying to grow your own personal account – or you are trying to grow your business through social media – Ascend Viral shows you the fastest way to gain traction on Instagram.
    The eBook covers everything you need to know to grow & monetize effectively on Instagram. There is a lot of misinformation floating around the Internet on how to grow, and this eBook helps you navigate through what is true – and what is false. Stop buying fake followers and learn how to grow like the Instagram pros!
    The eBook has had 3 major updates and 4 minor updates in 2017, 3 major updates and 2 minor updates in 2018, and one major and minor update in 2019 so far. Each update is broken down nicely on the private forums so you don’t have to re-read the eBook to understand the changes and advancements! We give you an effective breakdown of new material and recent changes. You can also check out the changelog above to view all the changes.
    Yes! This eBook has helped thousands of people dominate Instagram! This eBook has helped individuals radically grow their business, gain hundreds of thousands of followers, and generate serious money using Instagram! All of the testimonials we use are completely real! We’ve been recommended by several million follower Instagram pages, huge social media influencers, and normal everyday people who are taking the Instagram world by storm!

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