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Comments on Profile Post by Digital_shubhi

  1. Spoiltdiva
    I went back to France for about a year. Then I came back here and got things up and running. Now that the dust has settled I have a bit more time to come on DP again. I am having fun here as before.
    Sep 23, 2015
  2. Digital_shubhi
    That's great. Enjoy ;)
    Sep 23, 2015
  3. Proaffili
    I trust that this doesn't amount to spamming in any way, as I am now familiarizing myself with DP and the proper way of doing things here. Just want to express my gratitude to you for liking my first post and enabling me to be awarded my first trophy. Many thanks to you Spoiltdiva.
    Dec 7, 2016
  4. Proaffili
    I also want to say hi to the all the other folks I see posting here on your page. To me, it's blessing to be in the company of, and in association with people of your quality. Have a wonderful night - all of you.
    Dec 7, 2016